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Gatua Digispace Limited is a private company headquartered in Kenya and seeking to expand its territory withing Eastern Africa whilst maintaining global partnerships and presence.

The ‘hidden gem’ of the global technology, creativity and online marketing industries and with a target audience of the most discerning individuals globally, we bring together priceless designs and future-ready technologies on a golden platter. It's like beauty and brains, together...

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  • Information Communication and Technology “What if we reached a point in time when computing and computer devices were not a 'go-to' place but rather a natural part of our most personal lives? What if that time in the future was now?” Jesse Gatua, Technology Delivery & Creative Engineer
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  • Digital Marketing Some of the most creative minds with innovative marketing concepts and proven skills in Africa today rub shoulders with technology experts and enthusiasts to usher on your golden platter a Digital Marketing Experience only Gatua Digispace can deliver.
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  • Digital Arts Be inspired, Be set, Be ready. Because at Gatua Digispace, our obsessive attention to detail goes infinite dimensions to ensure we provoke your eyes, your emotions and the logical part of your brain... Simultaneously. So be ready beyond your expectations, for what you see, is what you just might get.

Gatua Digispace

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We beseech you to explore your future with an expectant heart. Somewhere along the journey, you may meet an unlikely ally by the name Gatua Digispace. Should you partner with them on the path of discovery, a likely destiny should metamorphose; from dreams, and into reality...
This is our Approach...

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Digital Marketing
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    Be the Captain of the Computing Industry
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    Gatua Digispace is about Making Computers Natural
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    Welcome to the Future


at Gatua Digispace
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What our happy Clients say

  • It's very hard to find a good designer who also demonstrates a logical skill in engineering. I am in love with the designs and branding for my Company, and at the same time have benefitted with the kind of ERP software I've been looking for in a long time! Oliver Maganga, Particular S.
  • A very interesting and inspiring experience!' I was surprised by the end product, it was beyond my expectations. Very, very unique. ' Mr. Mburia Karuki, FOUNDER BEC Kenya
  • We must definitely give you a nod for this great experience. It was very much worth my time. These guys are Indeed the Future! Catherine Kiwaru, DIRECTOR Denton Kenya
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Gatua Digispace operates an open policy. We welcome partnerships from individuals and organizations who have a track record of top performance and trustworthiness. We would be happy to respond to your enquiries, send more material about our service delivery, quotations, company profile, and more. We would also like to know more about you and your organization.

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  • Information Communication & Technology
    Welcome to the Future
  • Software & Hardware

    Gatua Digispace, ICT
    At Gatua Digispace, Code is Poetry... Spearheaded by the rubric of developing future ready software solutions, we are devoted to thread together software to weather futuristic economic and technological storms. We implement software solutions over varied scopes of industry. We steer clear of re-inventing the wheel; integrating readily available, tested and industry-specific frameworks and tweaks such as open source software, software availed to us by our partners, or purchased software. Plug and Play. These software are then custom tweaked to suit your company's needs. Gatua Digispace also curates web or desktop programmes from scratch or from integrated solutions and can well develop your requests on need. We are proud to offer your business software ammenities along these lines:
    Complete ERP Solutions, End-to-End Document Management, Research and Analytics, Marketing Automation, Organizational Networking Software, Enterprise File Sharing, Custom Social Networking Software, and more.
    We resell quality computing and networking ammenities and hardware, consult and integrate the same at best prices.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Internet Applications & Web Development

    Gatua Digispace, Web Development
    We are building the internet, 1 Gb at a time... We build amazing websites, web-based applications for the internet, creating intranets with optimized information sharing, doing internet research, facilitating internet in your organization, and advancing the era of information. You can expect that we are at par with the latest HTML5, create mobile ready responsive views, are tuned to the highest levels of search engine optimization, tuned towards using your web application as a marketing tool including market research, web analytics, social media and other marketing outlets to bring a complete package beyond what anyone else has to offer. And when it comes to artistic talent, beyond what anyone else is able to offer.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • End-to-End Document Management

    Gatua Digispace, End to End Document Management
    We provide end-to-end document management solutions courtesy of our Business Strategic Partners. Our products and services include:
    Electronic Document Management Solution, Workflow Management Solution, Enterprise Content Management, Record Management Solution, Physical Record Management Solution, Secure Digitization Services, Document Destruction and Electronic Clearing Services.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Data Privacy & Security

    Gatua Digispace, Privacy and Security
    Gatua Digispace realizes that the internet as we have it today is the infrastructure for our social, economic, cultural, political, all our interactions. Especially for the younger generation, the internet is not some standalone, separate domain where a few of life's functions are carried out. It's not merely our post office and our telephone. Rather, it's the epicenter of our world, the place where virtually everything is done. It is where friends are made, where books and films are chosen, where political activism is organized, where the most private data is created and stored. It is where we develop and express our very personality and sense of self. To turn that network into a system of mass surveillance has implications unlike those of any previous state surveillance programs. It s the new world for those who are manipulating it to fit their interests... We curate systems to fence your online activities, tutor on best practices, carry out scopes on your systems, work with your development teams to secure them and offer tools that can promise on your leaving no digital footprint wherever your insticts may take you.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • ICT Consulting, Training & Support

    Gatua Digispace, ICT Consulting, Training and Support
    We provide end-to-end ICT consulting services that add value to our Client's business by providing strategy, architecture, implementation and integration to help plan, build, improve and innovate ICT and business solutions. In our service delivery, we aim to minimize risks, deliver value to the business and maximize returns on ICT investments. We also offer complimentary education on ICTs and are available on call for support.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Project Management, Auditing & Networking

    Gatua Digispace, Project Management, Audit and Networking
    Our ICT management services focus on ICT Systems Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, ICT Capacity Building, ICT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning, ICT Security Management, ICT Assets Management and ICT Help Desk Setup among others. Networking is at the core of our ICT goals, offered also as a service to keep you connected to those that matter.
    Gatua Digispace Limited


  • Digital Marketing
    Welcome to the Future
  • Campaigns & Communication

    Gatua Digispace, Marketing and Communication
    Gatua Digispace provides your brand with Marketing techniques and ideas fit for next generation inspiration, and geared towards results. Our Campaigns, whether Corporate or Political, infuse an overhaul of bespoke and bewildering jump-in and hit-the-ground-running strategies on all information disseminating and marketing outlets and platforms that cultivate a numbers critical approach fit for the most purpose driven and relentless individuals. If you are tickled by dominating the world or your industry, then a Gatua Digispace campaign is for you. We would endure a both digital and physical custom, explorative and unique directorship for your brand to curve out experiences, stewardship and a communication process you will always benefit from. What do you wish to tell the world? Whose ear do you target? These are the questions we ask ourselves at Gatua Digispace, and we promise on an award winning digital strategy in communicating your purpose and generating a buzz to the community at large.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Internet Marketing & Best Practices

    Gatua Digispace, Internet Marketing and Best Practices
    We create an online presence for our Clients that is impressive and effective using the latest trends, principles and methodologies. We implement transactional and interactive tools and their constant updating against content design. Marketing and the growth of your brand requires research, data mining & collection & its analysis. This we do in partnership with Insight Wells, believing in strategy and practices that are unique to your business positioning.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Image & Public Relations

    Relationships form the core of our human life. That is why we are keen to suggest people and brands you might find interesting on your journey to success, maintain your name out there, or create one from scratch, having first developed a priceless relationship with you. Graduating from the United States International University with a Masters in International Relations, Esther confidently leads a vibrant team in creating the word around your brand as well as a reputation you will live to cherish.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Social Media

    Gatua Digispace, Social Media
    At a time when everyone knows about social media and its basic implementation towards marketing, Gatua Digispace is proud to cut itself above the rest. Post the popular social networks, we have made it our job to intensively cover the wide spectrum of other even little known media and platforms, each with seas of potential clients and their own strengths for particular industries. We guide you around how to present your brand in any of these, design and develop content for the same and infuse technology to inter-stich the same. Welcome to the future...
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Advertising & Inbound Marketing

    Gatua Digispace, Advertising and Inbound Marketing
    Online, digital advertising media offer some clever and revolutionary ways to market your products and services. Married with our expertise and valuable techniques, your coin placed on the digital ads goes a longer way to vote for you. We reach a wider audience and for longer; exclusively targeting the kind of people you plan to reach, narrowed down to age groups, likes, income, geographical regions, and virtually everything. So the next time they boot their computers, search or log in to a platform, if you are interested in marketing to them, they will see your brand! Knowledge forms the driving core of our company, and through which we have perfected marketing through email and mobile marketing, incorporating open source media and platforms such as Twilio. We curate and promote your brand through email marketing, motion graphics, podcasts, blogs, publications (whitepapers, enewsletters, ebooks, eprofiles), SEO and other forms of content marketing to attract clients through the various stages of the purchase funnel.
    Gatua Digispace
  • Third Party Marketing

    Gatua Digispace, Third Party Driven Marketing
    Ringing your own bell all the time does not always guarantee a cake on your table. At Gatua Digispace, we know it sometimes requires having other people blowing your horn for you, in which regard we continuously partner with leading online personalities, who we term 'Influencers', as a piece of our package to effectively market you. Every year we produce a list of contracted influencers in this light.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Ideas & CSR

    Gatua Digispace, Ideas and CSR
    Here at Gatua Digispace, we are helping entrepreneurs shape their economic destinies through transformative ideas. We are not changing your brand. However, aided by our market leading partner Insight Wells, we collaborate to do ground breaking research, discuss with you to get your vision, then move forward towards incubating you into an epitome of your industry. Our revolutionary ideas spawn into business, technology, corporate social responsibility, both physical & digital branding, marketing and tomorrow-ready best practices.
    Gatua Digispace Limited

3.) ART

  • Digital Arts
    Welcome to the Future
  • Design, ePublishing & Packaging

    Gatua Digispace, Design, ePublishing and Packaging
    Led by the acclaimed creative genius Jesse Gatua, our creative process goes absurd lengths in its creative process to cultivate bespoke ideas, designs, digital and creative arts. Even the most logical of our works have art and design integrated into them, drawing from nature's way of speaking to the human race. It's like beauty and brains, together. We further connect the digital works with industry-specific 'green' printing and electronic publications to hand deliver a product you will like. From a few traditional items to e-pubs, podcasts and other digital material, choose the winning team to deliver with the future in mind.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Business & Brand Profiling

    Gatua Digispace, Business and Brand Profiling
    Among the core implementations from Gatua Digispace is building a well branded, capturing, inviting, informative and descriptive profile for your business, company or brand. Gatua Digispace pleads guilty to the charge of being the best profiler in Africa. We develop well priced business, company and brand profiles centered around content authorship, technical writing, research, photography, imagery, graphics creation, motion graphics, videography and consultation, involving the client in both the technical and creative aspects to deliver meticulously done, well branded, functional and awe-inspiring profiles.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Photography & Videography

    Gatua Digispace, Photography and Videography
    Once upon a time, we sought to be part of a remarkable story... One of skill and talent while using only simple tools. Because your product, brand or business needs to be well captured for potential clients, we use a Nikon and great methods to make your brand or event photogenic, even presenting captured moments in optimal creativity. Photos and images go raw or manipulated, on need into websites, company profiles, social media and marketing collaterals or outlets looking great for you.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • User Interface & User Experiences

    Gatua Digispace, User Interface and User Experiences
    Whether for mobile, web or desktop, we curate simple-to-use, engaging, functional, future-ready, and trendy user interfaces. We engineer graphics using advanced software and code the same observing latest standards, all the way believing in visually impressing and touching lives of users. Beyond interfaces, we create digital or physical experiences for existing and would-be customers centred around customer intelligence, collaboration, sales and service optimization, enterprise technology architectures and processes, innovation and governance, experiences that are able to communicate the values you care for, the essence of your brand and your true spirit.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Graphics & Motion Graphics Engineering

    Gatua Digispace, Graphics and Motion Graphics Engineering
    Gatua Digispace has the best celebrated graphics and animations around and beyond. We believe our talent and obsessive attention to detail from typography, coloring, balancing, shapes and even logic sets us apart in these. Our creative brief seeks to marry designs and inclusions that are drawn from nature, and sometimes finding inspiration from beautiful physical creations, set to wow even the most art-conscious eye. All material from the playful to the professional has to be exceptionally branded and no miniature pixel is left out of place.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Writing & Content Development

    Gatua Digispace, Writing and Content Development
    We value people over profits, quality over quantity, and keeping it real. As such, we deliver an unmatched working relationship with our clients to understand their brand spirit in our content authorship, development, creative brand writing, technical and academic writing, business plan authorship, documentation, design and development. For us, it means being at par, even ahead, of news, trends and industry through research with our partner Insight Wells. For you, it means looking your best.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Product Development & Industrial Design

    Gatua Digispace, Product Development and Industrial Design
    Our design team is intentionally small, eclectic, and skilled; with our in-house expertise, we provide sharp and results oriented concepts for whatsoever destination, that can stand firm today and tomorrow. We believe strong design concepts play a fundamental supportive and strategic role that businesses and organizations should place at the core of their products. In delivery of the same, we are keen to understand our Clients requirements and provide advisory from design conception to completion. Our proficiency covers:
    Computer Aided Drawing and Manufacturing, Product and Service Modelling, Product Refurbishment, Interior Design & Decor, and other Product Concepts.
    Gatua Digispace Limited
  • Culture & Branding

    Gatua Digispace, Culture and Branding
    At Gatua Digispace, we are shaping the next course of Internet Culture as well as contributing to 'The Internet of Things'. We are rethinking existing trends and how as we write the future, we can bring in our clientele to actively be a part of the change, with the prosperity of their businesses at core of our hearts...
    Gatua Digispace Limited

Meet our Founder

Creative Genius and Technology Evangelist

  • Jesse Gatua

    Jesse Gatua

    Founding Director at Gatua Digispace. Jesse has a keen eye for design and is at the forefront of the digital revolution in Kenya.

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